Our carpet cleaning process is what sets us apart!

Our steam cleaning system is able to restore even the oldest and dirtiest of carpets!


We identify the furthest point in the property where we will be the cleaning. Placing corner guards at each turn to protect the furniture and walls.

SECOND: As we walk each room, we are looking for any problematic stains or smells (such as bodily fluids, chemicals stains, etc...) to then pre-treat for extra cleaning effectiveness! 


THIRD: After we are all set up we will pre-vacuum your carpets, including hand scraping out any hair or other contaminants on the surface of the carpets if necessary!


FOURTH: Next, we will pre-spray the entirety of the surface area with a cleaning solution that will deodorize any negative scents, kill any bacteria, as well as working to soften and brighten the carpets. We use the same gun without a solution to spray off all the floorboards only for when we do carpet! Large amounts of dust can be hidden and fall back on so we spray and vacuum them off to preserve the clean


FIFTH: When we are happy with the coverage of the spray we will begin to steam clean the carpet with a mixture of hot water and high-pressure suction. We spend ample amounts of time and effort going over each area with several passes to get the deepest clean possible for each square foot of carpet.


SIXTH: After we do several steam clean passes we do several more passes with just high power suction to remove the most fluid possible from the floor.

SEVENTH: Stain protectant to strengthen the fibers of the carpet to help prevent decay and stains going forward!


  • We suggest turning on all fans and AC for the fastest drying times possible! 

  •  We can lock up if you prefer to not be home during your cleaning!

  • We send before and after pictures with plenty of communication before, during, and after so you always know the state of your cleaning!


There are two major ways you can get financially burned if you want brand new looking tile or carpet!

1. You replace the floors because they are dirty and smelly! Save 95% of your cash and let us make your floors new for you!

2. You go with a different cleaner that gives you a "deal". Be very wary of the deal in the cleaning world. This means you're either getting a substantially less thorough cleaning which won't give you the brand new floor look, or you will be greatly priced gouged at the end because of all the "extras" your home needs. On Target gives upfront honest pricing and the highest quality service. 

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