Frequently asked questions

Is this safe for my children and pets?

Yes, absolutley! In fact the breathing conditions for everyone in the home or office is substantially better after we leave!

Will I need to prepare in any way before the technicians arrive?

We ask that you pick up any personal items items on the floor that would interfere with our cleaning in the areas you would like worked on.

Is there a charge for a quote?

We go over the surface of what we are cleaning wit suction as much as possible to get the most moisture out! Carpet: 5-10 hours TIle: 1 hour Rug: 4-12 hours Upholstery: 2-12 hours ALL DRY TIMES DEPEND ON THE MATERIAL AND THE AMOUNT OF AIRFLOW!

How do quotes work?

We charge based on square footage and will measure around any obstructions such as beds, tables, and night stands to get an accurate amuont of cleanable square footage in each room we walk into! This is how we arrive at your cost! There is a differnt charge per square foot depending on the type of flooring!