Carpet Cleaning

At On-Target Carpet Cleaning we strive to keep you as a customer forever! That’s why we offer all of our friends a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Getting your carpet and floors cleaned by On-Target Carpet Cleaning is a great way to provide a healthy home environment, especially in Arizona due to the sand and desert dust, (can you say ‘Haboob’?), however, carpet manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning methods based on the type of carpet fiber in your carpets and rugs. So, when it comes to carpet cleaning it is important to have the experience and knowledge to select the right action for the right fiber. 

A carpet fiber may be polyester, wool, cotton, silk, olefin, polyester, nylon or a blend of these fibers. The right solution for cleaning your home’s floors and carpets can be chosen after the fiber has been identified.  

Vacuuming your home is something that we all do and needs to be done regularly, but a vacuum is only good for cleaning surface dirt. Arizona’s soil is more of a problem because of the wind throughout the year that brings desert sands into your home. We recommend having your carpets (and floors) deep cleaned at least twice a year. More often if you have pets.  

Carpet shampooing can be effective if you want deeper cleaning. It involves using foam which is generated from processing a carpet shampoo with hot water. The foam attracts embedded dirt and sand in the carpet to the surface and then you vacuum the surface to remove the dirt. However, it can leave a residue, and in some cases leaves behind an odor. You will not be satisfied with how this process works on tough stains and pet odors. Having your carpets professionally cleaned is the best for making your home a healthier home. On-Target Carpet Cleaning is soap free and will leave your carpet residue free!  

Being “Green” is the catchphrase of the industry, but it’s something you should take seriously. We are a trained and qualified Green Cleaning company. What this means to you is we only use high-quality, safe products in our services and we use Procyon® Professional Green Cleaning Products. Getting your home sparkling clean is not our only goal. We want to help keep your family safe and we want to contribute to making the planet a cleaner place. There is no other company in the carpet cleaning business in Phoenix that takes this more seriously. We take great pride in the fact that we use only environmentally safe products. Compare us to our competitors – our products are likewise certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute® but additionally, the Green Seal certifies our products.

On-Target Carpet Cleaning believes in what we do and the quality of our service so much, we offer a 100% Guarantee! Always have, always will! 

On-Target Carpet Cleaning

For over a decade we have served all cities within Maricopa County with cleaning and sanitizing of thousands of carpets. Carpets have and still are an extremely common floor surface that periodically needs to be cleaned after years of high volume traffic and the occassional spill.

The Process

On-Target Carpet Cleaning uses truck mounted hot-water extraction machines. This method of cleaning is widely known as “steam-cleaning.” This is the most popular method and is generally recommended by all carpet cleaners. Once our carpet cleaning technician arrives to your house, qualifies your carpet and determines pricing, he will begin the cleaning process. After preconditioning the carpet and letting it dwell, we begin the actual process by pushing hot water diluted with deodorizer into your carpet and simultaneously pumping it out with a two and three-stage vacuum. That’s it, it’s that simple. Afterwards your technician will notify you and advise you on dry time.

“It’s amazing what two kids can do to a carpet… spills & spots everywhere! I had no idea it could get this clean.”


Sara Harrington

“Just wanted to submit our gratitude to your team for an excellent job in our home. We have great carpeting!!”


Calvin Cobb

“I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning done by your staff. The rugs look very good. Keep up the excellent work.”


Wendy Baker

“Just want to let you know that I’m very pleased with the cleaning job you did. Excellent job! Looks like new! Thanks.”


Steve Hunter