Our tile cleaning is a step beyond the rest!

Over time, tile and grout can build up darkness

over the entire surface area because of walking traffic, animals, sliding furniture, food, etc... 

 You can take years off the look of your tile and grout with one cleaning!


Keep the value of your floors and prevent extreme replacement costs! Wait too long and your grout stains could become permanent and need color sealing or re-grouting! 

  • The process always starts in the back of the property, that way we can work towards the entrance and not have to step over the newly cleaned tile.


  • Corners guards are placed at edges and furniture to protect all surfaces!

  • The highest quality of chemistry and machinery are used for your specific type of tile floor!

  • We hand scrub and hand seal each grout line to ensure the best possible results!


There are two major ways you can get financially burned if you want brand new looking tile or carpet!

1. You replace the floors because they are dirty and smelly! Save 95% of your cash and let us make your floors new for you!

2. You go with a different cleaner that gives you a "deal". Be very wary of the deal in the cleaning world. This means you're either getting a substantially less thorough cleaning which won't give you the brand new floor look, or you will be greatly priced gouged at the end because of all the "extras" your home needs. On Target gives upfront honest pricing and the highest quality service. 

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