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First, when we arrive we will prepare your home to be cleaned by setting up corner/floor protection to prevent any damage.

Next, our expertly trained technician will carefully spray a product specially formulated to get the most grime possible out of your upholstery without causing any damage to the fabric. 


Then, we hand scrub every inch of your fabric until we see all hair, dirt, stains, etc.. come out.


Finally, we use our upholstery wand to steam clean with high pressure and hot water. At the same time we are extracting all the water we are putting down and products we applied to the surface. Afterward a protectant is recommend for best results.

Every time you sit on your couch you add small amounts of bacteria to the surface.

This bacteria can add up, unseen by the naked eye.

Making it less healthy to breathe and polluting the air with allergens.

Sanitize and revitalize the feel, look, and smell of your upholstery today!


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